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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Something New

I often tell my staff that despite the fact I have been in the car business my entire life, I learn and experience something new every day.

Earlier this week, a client of ours contacted me to make an appointment to meet with me first thing the coming Saturday morning.  Usually, these types of requests are to either explore the possibility of a new vehicle or to discuss a particular existing  issue.  While on the phone, I inquired how I could prepare for our meeting.  I was promptly told that I would find out what I needed to know Saturday morning.  Clearly at that point I was sure that I was in store for a negative meeting.

It is now Saturday morning and my client arrives promptly at 9AM which was our pre-arranged time. Bracing for the impact of a negative meeting, I experienced something I have never come across before. 

The meeting began, and instead of a barrage of negativity, my client opened a list on his iPhone and proceeded.  He had compiled a list of items that he felt our dealership needed to address in order to become better.  The list included, but was not limited to items from phone flow to website and social media upkeep, to training of staff.   Our client shared with me his experience with our dealership over the years which included service of an older vehicle, and the purchase experience and subsequent servicing of a new car.  This was not a hasty preparation of information either, but rather a well thought out list with examples and comparisons.  Time had been clearly taken to prepare.

The information was not delivered in a manner to complain.  It was a genuine attempt to inform us of how he felt we could improve to meet and exceed client expectations.  Time was taken out of a busy schedule to meet and discuss, with no personal agenda or motive. 😃 It was pure, genuine and the motivation was simply because our client is a passionate Mazda enthusiast; he wanted to make his Mazda dealer better.

After our meeting concluded, I took time to reflect on the notes I had taken and  thought that this was an incredible "a-ha" moment, one that rarely comes along.  As a business owner, I received genuine insight that was not just complaining or empty suggestions, but rather feedback in its truest form..

Today's interaction had great value to me.  It was not only because of the information received, which in itself has tremendous value.  The true value to me was that a client of ours felt we were worth the time and the conversation.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Success is not final, failure is not fatal.  It is the courage to continue that counts. -Winston Churchill

Now that I have reached my 40th year, and 24 years in the sales business, I have realized one main theme.  I used to think that failure was not an option, and that winning had  to occur at any or all costs.

Having arrived at this point in my life, I now know that failures are required.  Failures are required if you are to learn and move higher.  The pain of failure only makes me appreciate the successes achieved that much more.  Growth can only occur in great quantities when overcoming roadblocks and fails.

We have recently experienced a situation that I am not used to.  My staff, which is normally extremely stable, has gone through some turnover leaving us quite short staffed and unprepared.

Though through this difficult time, I have learned and acknowledge the failures that led us to this point.  I have made some poor choices including hiring in haste and hoping things worked out, defending and holding on to individuals for too long that really did not deserve it, and not being discerning enough in the quality of the individuals.

I want extreme satisfaction of my staff and co-workers, which will translate into positive outcomes with my clients.  So the recent events gives me the opportunity to learn, regroup, and build properly.

My dealership is resilient, and I know we will come out stronger. I have witnessed the strength of my management team, and that they pass and uphold my vision for excellence in this industry.

That is all for this post.  Mostly venting.  But anyone who tells me that they have never failed at anything tells me they have an incredible amount to learn about themselves.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Mission / Values / Goals Statement

I have had the pleasure and honor of operating our family dealership since May 2000.  One of the first orders of business when my father retired nearly 16 years ago was to put into writing a common goal and purpose for our organization.  Our mission/values/goals statement has been communicated on our website, posted in our dealership and provided to all employees since it was originally scribed nearly 2 decades ago.

Given the nature of this blog, I think it is only fitting to also post this information here as well.  I'd like to think that the following words provides us with a guide, or compass in our day-to-day interaction, not only with our clients, but with suppliers and fellow staff as well.

OUR MISSION STATEMENT“We are only doing our job properly when we create an experience in which our clients and guests return to do business with us again”
The pillars or "keys" to our success and ultimately what sets us apart from other dealerships.

HONESTYTruthful at all times, knowing that we can look everyone in their eyes and know we did a good jobEMPATHYAbility to understand another’s positionRESPECTTo show consideration or honor for anotherINTEGRITYBeing of sound moral principle, trustworthy and sincereWORK ETHICDrive and effort to meet and exceed expectationsPRIDESense of self-worth. Knowing each of us makes a difference
OUR GOAL“At Achilles Mazda, our dealership is not the biggest; our goal is to simply be the best!  We Want to Be Your Mazda Dealer